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Essentially Yours

Loofah and Soap Mold Kit

Loofah and Soap Mold Kit

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  • Each Loofah sponge measures 5-Inches in Length. Diameter varies as this is a natural product. You will also receive a soap mold with six compartments
  • 100% Natural Exfoliation is: It's easy to use chemical peels but there is a higher chance your skin won't react well to the various peels on the market.
  • The Essentially Yours Loofah is a natural adhesive that will remove dead skin cells from your skin thus allowing your face to be less oily and your pores unclogged.
  • Exfoliate: To exfoliate you need a sponge that is a bit hard and compact. Our in-house team created a Loofah Sponge that will leave your skin glowing while taking away the chance of irritation.
  • Once received, please soak in warm water for about 20 minutes to make it soft before the first use. After using, please clean with water and have it air dried. This will extend the lifespan of the item.
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